Our students are away so why is the uonsu shop stocking such delicious sugary goods? 
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Our students are away so why is the uonsu shop stocking such delicious sugary goods? 

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Everything you need to know about living here

I’m getting lots of questions from Freshers about life in halls so I’ve decided to write this masterpost of links to ALL OF THE THINGS you want to know about living here.

If you can’t find the answer to a question you have about your new home you need to get in touch with your Hall via their contact info. I honestly can’t tell you what kind of light bulbs will be in your room. And I have no idea how many footsteps it is from your room to the dining hall. 

Ready? Here we go…

Catered halls

Self-catered halls

General info 


See you all soon for (free) pizza at the Freshers’ Welcome Fair! 

Anne, Uni of Notts Tumblr geek

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Can students become posters for your tumblr page?

It depends entirely on how awesome you are. 

We do work with students, but this tends to be for specific campaigns like Freshers and our open days and it also tends to focus on blogging and Twitter rather than anything else. 

Tumblr is a small (but beautiful) place for the Uni at the moment, which is why we focus student help on our main social media channels. If you’re interested in managing our social media keep an eye on the @UniofNottingham Twitter because this is where we tend to advertise opportunities. 

Anne, Uni of Notts Tumblr geek 


Check out the SU Officers’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! 

We’ve all donated! Make sure you do too here: http://uon.su/1vKwo8s

Brilliant SU being brilliant. 

Source: uonsu

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how easy is it to join clubs and societies if i'm at Sutton Bonington?

Very easy. The Freshers’ fair (also called Welcome Fair) happens at Sutton Bonington too, so you can take a look at clubs and societies there as well as at Uni Park if you fancy the Hopper bus trip over. SB has clubs and societies on campus but you can also get involved in anything happening at Uni Park too. It’s entirely up to you. 

Here’s a snap of the SB welcome fair from last year. Yes, that’s a cow. 

See you soon! 

Anne, Uni of Notts Tumblr geek

Would you say the quality and choice of food in the catered halls is good?

Food glorious food! Have a look at the menus from last term to get an idea of what’s on offer in Catered Halls. 

Hi, me again! Just wondering what the actual date you can move into Broadgate Park is. I've heard it's Sunday 21st September but I've also seen that you can move in the 20th after 8am?

Hello elephant-ine! Broadgate Park isn’t managed by the Uni, so I can’t help you. But you can contact them directly:

  • Email broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com
  • Phone +44 (0)115 951 8670
  • Twitter @broadgatepark
  • Facebook 

See you soon! 

Welcome to Jurassic University Park! *cue epic John Williams musical score* 

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"Being LGBT at university is, for the majority of people, much easier than being LGBT at school."
Student blogger Bryony explains some of the support on offer for LGBT students at the Uni.