You’re probably not at Comic Con (sorry), so you’ve got time to read about kierongillen's awesome comic series Three and how Professor Stephen Hodkinson from our Department of Classics made sure it was historically accurate.

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Our neighbour, Bruce Wayne, has a lovely house. 

Reblogging (again) because HAPPY BATMAN DAY! 

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"League of Legends becomes a varsity sport"
Our Registrar has spotted a story about an Illinois university adding video games to its varsity sports lineup. Thoughts? 

Note to self, find more Theo James (or other famous alumni) pictures to share on here. 

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Theo James, Philosophy graduate. 
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"I remember reading something online before I started university comparing students to infants, the comparison being that you do little else but eat, drink and sleep…"
Student blogger Bryony shares her first impressions of student life
I feel like whoever runs this tumblr is a bit psychic, I started working at the jubilee campus yesterday!

Interesting point paperchainhearts… Maybe working in digital unleashes previously unknown mental powers? (that would be awesome)

Words. : Nottingham Potential Summer School 2014 f


This week I stayed at the University of Nottingham for a taste of what University would be like and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so glad I had the courage to apply, not only did I meet some fantastic people, but I also laughed a lot and became more confident within myself. Here’s a few points about this week:

Glad you had such a great time Megan, and thanks for writing about your experience here! 

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"I have loved our two-year conversation. Thank you and goodbye!"
Student blogger Sarah’s LAST POST EVER