"Getting the free Hopper Bus very short distances around campus is always acceptable. Always."
Bryony shares her wisdom about University Park. Want more? Read her blog


6 seconds of science and smoke from our student radio station URN1350 and the URN Science Show

Reblogging because SCIENCE!

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hi there! i was wondering if you knew of any other university's tumblrs? whilst i'm probably 80% sure i want to go to nottingham, obviously I need to apply to 5 and i've found it really good following this tumblr so i didn't know if there were any other unis that had it! thank you:)

Hello! Well if you make it 90% sure you want to come here maybe we could share a couple of other uni’s tumblrs…

Just kidding! Good to know you’ve found it helpful and enjoyed following us. What do you want to study?

I’ve found a couple  - Birmingham, Portsmouth (Graphic Design) but they may not be affiliated with the University like our page. It might be worth looking at some tags for the Universities you’re interested in and doing some research that way instead. Good luck!

Anyone out there hoping to come here to live and study? 

Here’s a look at what it’s like to live on and around our campuses.This video features some of our lovely students including mynottinghamlife (look at her smiley happy face above!). 

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Your University of Nottingham student ID isn’t just for proving who you are… 

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Great Scott! How Scottish Independence could mean degrees without fees. f


By Adam BK (Education Officer 14/15).

"The average student leaves with more than £44,000 of debt," as education officer this is one of my go-to facts when fighting printing prices or hidden course costs at our university. But imagine a world where students could study at a leading institution…

Have a read. 

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Our Trent Building is currently flying the rainbow flag to mark Nottinghamshire Pride this weekend. 

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FYI the geese pretty much rule all areas of University Park, Highfields Park and Jubilee campus. Just accept this as fact and get on with your day. 
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FYI the geese pretty much rule all areas of University Park, Highfields Park and Jubilee campus. Just accept this as fact and get on with your day. 

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You’re probably not at Comic Con (sorry), so you’ve got time to read about kierongillen's awesome comic series Three and how Professor Stephen Hodkinson from our Department of Classics made sure it was historically accurate.

Click this to start reading > Where comics and classics collide - story telling and Three

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